O. Casey Corr has a good run-down of what’s been going on at KUOW-FM in the wake of Ken Vincent’s surprise resignation. As Seattleites spend more time stuck in traffic, expect KUOW to do even better.

I’m one of those (annoying, pretentious) people who listen almost exlclusively to public radio (KUOW and KEXP), mostly because I can’t stand commercials while I’m driving (I also listen to podcasts, natch). There are definitely times when KUOW (and NPR in general) annoys me, but overall it’s my guy.

I sometimes tune in to right wing radio (to keep my game sharp), KIRO (when Goldy‘s on Sunday nights), and Coast to Coast AM late at night when I’m driving home from somewhere, because it’s one of the most bizarre, beautiful community experiences left on 21st Century radio.

I tried listening to Air America for a while, but found that unless I was in the car for more than 20 minutes at a stretch (rare!), it wasn’t worth it.