The State of TV Networks

The blogger known as “Fake Steve Jobs” lets loose on NBC after the network decides to bail on iTunes:

You know what the new network is? It’s me. I don’t think people have quite figured this out yet, but just as Pixar was once a medical imaging company until I decided to make it into something completely different — ie, the most important entertainment company of the 21st century — so Apple is not really a computer company anymore, or even a consumer electronics company. We’re a network. We take content and distribute it out to millions of people, who play it on handhelds (sold by me) and computer screens (ditto) and yes, maybe, sometimes, on actual TV sets. At one end of the value chain, the consumer end, people have already voted. They like my system better than yours.

Read the whole thing. It’s incredibly insightful (and hilarious) for a guy who’s not actually the CEO of Apple.