A Series of Tubes

The first mention of the “World Wide Web,” from a 1993 article in the newly-liberated New York Times archives:

Making all this information relatively easy to retrieve is a system known as Wide Area Information Server, or WAIS. More than 300 WAIS data bases are now accessible without charge, and a standards committee is finishing work on a text retrieval standard that will permit companies to charge for specialized data bases. In concept, the effort will allow users to search for information without much technology talk and to use the same search procedures for participating data bases.

Additionally, gateways exist so that WAIS users can retrieve information from non-WAIS data bases like Gopher, developed by university users of Next computers, and the World Wide Web, which makes available physicists’ research from many locations.

The real money quote, though, is further up in the article:

“I’m an electronic mail addict,” she said. “People can find me wherever I am. I have negotiated several business deals recently without even using a telephone.”