Electoral College

It’s probably good news that California’s 55 electoral votes won’t be apportioned by vote (instead of winner-take-all, as is custom), but the whole thing reminds you why the Republicans are so good at winning despite their unpopular agenda. They’re always playing offense. If they’d gotten this initiative passed, what was once 55 solid dem votes in the EC would have been split 30-25 or whatever.

The question is, why aren’t Democrats pushing a similar initiative in, say, Texas or Ohio, where the Dems get 40 or 45 percent of the vote but almost never take the state. Dems play softball, the GOP plays hardball. Never give an inch.

The only compelling reason I’ve ever heard for why the Dems do this is that they are a naturally majoritarian party, but the Republicans aren’t, so they need to be relentless. And that’s fine as long as it works.