Good Gravy! We Haven’t Even Beaten Iran Yet!

Talk about ambition! Here we are, the military’s plans to beat Iran fresh off the planning table, and the Secretary of the US Airforce is already planning for the war with China.

[Secretary of the Air Force] Wynne directly linked the need for the F-35 to the potential threat posed by China. He rejected a new CSBA study that suggests cutting back the JSF order and investing in a long-range bomber to penetrate deep into enemy airspace.

“The last time I [traded stealth fighters for a long-range bomber], I bought 21 B-2s,” said Wynne, referring to the small US force of B-2 Spirit stealth bombers. “How big do you think China is? Think about that.”

Jeesh. Good thing Bush’s inevitable coup will keep him in office long enough to pull this off. And don’t you just love Wynne’s personalization of the issue? There’s no “we” in “I”. Am I sensing a little intra-service envy? I mean, after all, looks like the Navy will get to have most of the fun in Iran.