Third Parties

The Prof and I were chatting with sometime contributor “Eugene” over the weekend, and he mentioned that he thinks the surprise of the 2008 elections will be that there is actually a sizeable bloc of social liberals in the Republican Party who are thrilled to finally have the opportunity to vote for a non-religious-conservative candidate in Rudy Giuliani. In other words, Rudy can still win the nomination because the hard-core pro-lifers are only a portion of the GOP electorate.

Well, here’s an interesting Rasmussen poll that sort of bears that idea out. 27% of Republicans would vote for a third party candidate if Rudy became the nominee. That means nearly 3 in 4 would vote for Rudy. And that’s just among Republicans. In a hypothecial Rudy vs. Hillary vs. Third Party matchup, the pro-life third party gets just 14% of the vote.

Maybe Giuliani will be the nominee…