Nickels vs. the Council

Nice account of how hizzoner has been steamrolling the seven dwarfs:

“The mayor is ignoring (a) cherished principle of our democracy: the separation of powers. No executive, whether they are President George W. Bush or Mayor Nickels, can ignore legislative authority, particularly when it comes to the administration of something as fundamental as equal justice under the law,” [Council President Nick] Licata wrote in a recent editorial in the West Seattle Herald.

Nothing gets ’em riled up here in the NW like a Bush comparison. It’s like our own version of Godwin’s Law. Anyway, later in the article we find out that the comparison is actually pretty apt. Because if Nickels is Bush, then the Council is surely Nancy Pelosi’s feckless Democrats:

To be sure, the council is partly responsible for Nickels’ lopsided influence on legislative matters. It’s relatively rare that council members produce major policy initiatives on their own. Rather, they’ve ceded much of their policy-setting authority to the mayor.

“For the most part, we’ve either passed it or amended it,” Licata said. “In that sense, we’ve been very deferential.”Some council members have said they consider it primarily the mayor’s job to develop legislation. The council has a “secondary role” in legislation — the job of refining it as appropriate, Councilwoman Jean Godden said in an interview last fall.

It’s an unusual political perspective, as basic democratic principles usually assign the legislative branch the duty to write laws and the executive branch the responsibility to administer them.

That’s some quality snark in that last line from P-I reporter Angela Galloway: “unusual” indeed…