A couple of days ago, Steve Benen noted Rudy’s double-standard:

I am curious, though, what’s driving the change. Infidelity involving a Dem was a legitimate area of inquiry, but infidelity involving a Republican (one who has expressed interest in a constitutional amendment to protect the “sanctity” of marriage) is beyond the pale. Republicans who went after Clinton were playing “hardball”; but two Dems who mentioned Giuliani’s troubles are engaged in the “politics of personal destruction.”

Rudy’s personal life is a disgrace. Personally, I don’t give a hoot, but the double standard is revealing. And let’s recall that Rudy — brilliant mind that he is — decided to put New York’s emergency response cetner inside WTC 7 for no apparent reason other that so that he could bang his girlfriend there.

Oh, in more substantive Rudy! news, the NYT comes out today with a look at Giuliani’s advisors, which more or less include the neocons who were too batshit crazy to get a seat at Cheney’s table. Interactive table included. Don’t miss it!