The Huck-A-Bomb Third-Party Scenario

From Mickey Kaus today — an interesting scenario we didn’t consider way back when — a potential third-party scenario that sounds plausible:

Obama and Huckabee lead their respective races in Iowa. Suppose those two actually win their parties’ nominations. Wouldn’t an Obama vs. Huckabee race be so quirky it would have a good chance of attracting potential third-party or independent candidates? Candidates more experienced and less of a semi-revolutionary “stretch” than Obama, less “socially” conservative than Huckabee, more fiscally conservative than either of them, and maybe less filled with Broderesque compassion for illegal immigrants? Candidates who are more boring?

I’ve read before that Bloomberg has a good relationship with Hillary and wouldn’t want to spoil the election if she were the nominee. But then what to make of Bloomberg’s recent breakfast date with Obama? By reaching out to Obama, is Bloomberg a) less likely to run against him or was he b) putting Obama on notice?