Various NIE-blogging

I haven’t commented much on the Iran NIE, but there’s been plenty of commentary elsewhere. (David Ignatius’ piece in the WaPo is worth reading) Certainly it’s welcome news that we won’t be starting a third war in the Middle East under Bush’s watch. The prospect of trying to occupy 100 million people spread across three nations stretching from the Euphrates River to the Khyber Pass is not my idea of a good time.

Finally, Tom Friedman’s op-ed today is very good. He weaves the NIE into a discussion of — what else? — energy independence.

Bush did famously once say that America was “addicted to oil.” But now that congress has put together a moderate, reasonable energy bill to actualy do something about that addiction, it looks like the president is going to … veto it.

Talk is cheap, Mr. President.