The Press Corps in the Air

The Professor isn’t the only member of the media elite who has to suffer on Northwest Airlines’ narrow-body 757s. The New Republic’s Frank Foer welcomes us aboard “Conventional Wisdom One”:

When I journeyed to Des Moines last night, I hopped a flight that should rebrand itself Conventional Wisdom One. It is the lone direct flight from Washington National to Des Moines, and it leaves every afternoon at 4:55.  The airline assigned me to sit next to a colleague from National Review–not nearly as awkward as you would imagine. Needless to say, David Broder was there, too. (Yes, he talks about the virtues of America’s governors even in his down time.)  National Review had just endorsed Romney, a source of much buzz. There were lots of jokes about what John Edwards might say about the exceptionally cramped conditions on our Northwest jet.  As I plugged in my earbuds and began to read through a stack of manuscripts, I imagined the screed Glenn Greenwald might write after witnessing this scene.