Gilmore Girls Meets Little Miss Sunshine (Dude, Just Get The Abortion Already)

I have to say that I didn’t tear up or choke back anything in the final scenes of Juno, like A.O. Scott says he did; the film was too glib and slick to be believable — not to mention unfunny (not that it was unfunny, but it wasn’t consistently humorous, just grating like someone who makes a lot of quips can sound “funny” but not really be all that funny because their onslaught of quips is too annoying).

I recognized Juno’s punk rock-esque ideology — a sort of “take responsibility” kind of thing espoused by young men and women who are too young to unpack what taking responsibility really means. I distinctly remember someone long ago saying something along the lines (it could have been in real life, it could have been in a documentary — I don’t remember at this point) of if she is willing to spread her legs (this person’s words, not mine), she’s willing to have the baby (you can see an extreme example of this thinking here). I feel pretty sure that the screenwriter knew/heard/maybe even believed something similar (and Gilmore Girls is a lite version of this ideology).

The thing is, have you ever seen pregnant 16-year-olds? It’s not all K-records and Moe Tucker (oh, and that soundtrack was so cloying . . .)! Which is why I think Juno kind of sets a bad example . . . the thing I took away from it? Dude, don’t be a martyr — get an abortion . . .