Feelin’ it in Iowa

Hats off to Obama on a masterful win in Iowa.  Catch his victory speech?  It’s tough not to make comparisons to RFK.  Which causes me to say, at least we don’t live in a country where there are a bunch of crazy racists running around who like to shoot progressive visionaries.  No sir.  At least we don’t have any of those guys.

Back to the point.  “Visionary” may yet be a bit much to describe Obama.  He’s still pretty stiff when it comes to talking about “the issues.”  But — man — when he winds it up about his family and starts getting personal, it’s pretty powerful stuff.

As for the GOP — enjoy your unhappy marriage to Mike Huckabee.   “Ye reap what ye sow” is a phrase that the good Rev. Mike and 8 out of 10 of his Iowa supporters should know well.  Now the GOP establishment gets what it deserves for twenty years of socially conservative economic populism.  At this point, Obama takes most of the black evangelical vote and beats Huckabee like a dusty rug.

Some other quick thoughts on the news from Iowa:

* I’ve never been a Clinton supporter, but still there’s something inherently sad about watching her campaign run out of gas in the end game.  Maybe it’s respect or nostalgia for the other Clinton on the dias there with her, or maybe it’s a perverse desire I have to see America turn into a Bush-Clinton/Harkonnen-Atreides duopoly [hey, it would give me something to b*tch about on our show!], but my only thought watching Clinton try desperately to position herself as the candidate of change after  her loss last night was that I must avert my eyes lest I be stuck watching someone else’s private tragedy.

* I’ve finally put my finger on what it is that bothers me so much about Mitt Romney — I think he hired an artist to paint compassion on his forehead … maybe one of those guys who sell Weeping Velvis’s at roadside.

* Joe Biden officially ends 24 years of campaigning for the presidency.  Someone give this guy a nice comfy cabinet position, please.