Richardson Drops Out

Bruno and the Prof’s first candidate is out:

In New Hampshire, Mr. Richardson gained less than five percent of the vote on Tuesday. In Iowa last Thursday, he came in with two percent of the caucus vote, despite having spent weeks campaigning in the state and flooding the airwaves with a series of commercials that portrayed him as a job seeker in front of a bored interviewer, unimpressed with his extensive résumé.

For a while, Mr. Richardson was in double-digit territory in Iowa, but that lead diminished as the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton gained strength. It is unclear whether Richardson supporters will gravitate to Mr. Obama or Mrs. Clinton.

I think that analysis is a bit too generous to Richardson, portraying him as a victim of the inevitable rise of BHO and HRC. He was in double-digit terrirtory because the ads worked, and people were curious. Then he turned out to be a disaster in the debates, on Meet the Press, etc. He coulda been a real contender in Iowa if he hadn’t, well, sucked it up big time.