Obama Wins South Carolina

I’ll outsource the commentary to the man himself…

….and the rest to Noam Scheiber

Obama took over 80 percent of the black vote, yes, but also about a quarter of the white vote. That stacks up pretty well alongside Hillary’s 36 percent and Edwards’s 29–well enough that Nora O’Donnell of MSNBC could call it “almost a three-way split,” and The New York Times could proclaim that a “coalition of white and black support” powered Obama’s victory. This is a huge development going forward. The one thing Obama couldn’t afford coming out of South Carolina was to be pigeonholed as “the black candidate.” Instead, the opposite is happening–he’s being hailed as someone who can appeal to all demographics.

… and Ezra Klein:

Obama’s rationale — that I will form a new majority — really benefits from concrete examples of him forming a new majority. A 30 point win in South Carolina is one of those examples. [emphasis added]