I agree with this Ezra Klein post 100%:

But if Obama is going to be the transformational, Reagan-style pol he presents himself as, he’s going to have to grow comfortable speaking positively of the role of government, and selling some of his initiatives as good ideas worth paying for. It’s worth it to have effective responses to natural disasters, worth it to have a modern national infrastructure, worth it to have national health care, worth it to have more than one safety inspector examining Chinese goods, worth it to invest in medical and scientific research, worth it to enact universal pre-kindergarten. Indeed, many of these priorities are not only worth the cost, but they’re actually good investments. They’re a damn good deal. And Democrats need to grow comfortable making that case. The Republicans have succeeded in moving the tax debate onto grounds of “who pays,” and “how much.” Democrats need to remember to ask, “what for,” and “what if we don’t?”