Is Barack Obama the Blu-Ray of Democrats?

Blu-ray officially won the hi-def format war with HD-DVD this week. This odd for two reasons. One, HD-DVD was the backward-compatible format, and two, Blu-ray was backed by Sony. If you ever have to bet in a format war, there’s one rule of thumb (besides, of course, never getting into a format war in Asia): always bet against Sony.

Similarly, one would have been smart to bet that Hillary, who had a lock on endorsements and fundraising through most of 2007, was going to be the Democratic nominee.

But something resembling a tipping point seems to have occured in the last few weeks. First it was the trickle of a few superdelegates moving into the Obama camp, then the SEIU, and then the Teamsters. Then all of a sudden he’s tied in Texas polls.

There’s been a shocking lack of momentum in this campaign season. Huckabee got no bounce out of Iowa, Romney got none from Michigan, Hillary got only the smallest, survivalist bounce out of NH.

But maybe here at the end we’re reaching a tipping point — similar to the one we reached recently in GOP race — where it all starts to topple in one direction.