Are Open Primaries Really Such A Good Idea?

A good reason not to have open primaries*:

Not sure why the networks haven’t picked up on this, but there is definitely a sizable portion of the vote in Texas tonight comprised of Republican voters looking to “game” the Democratic primary. I spoke with numerous friends today, who claim to be Republican, who said they voted for Sen Clinton with the thought that it will prolong the Dem in-fighting and therefore benefit Republicans. I won’t debate the merits of their argument here, but the phenomenon (Republicans voting for Sen Clinton to gain the system) is real and I think material to the results.

Here are the numbers from an exit poll: Out of 2,856,813 total Democratic primary votes, 66 percent of total votes were cast by Democrats for Clinton or Obama. Of these, 52 percent voted for Clinton and 47 percent voted for Obama.

Republicans voting for either Clinton or Obama represented 9 percent of total votes in the Democratic primary. Of these, 46 percent voted for Clinton and 53 percent voted for Obama. Doing the math (correct me if I’m wrong . . .) this means that 46 percent of 9 percent of 2,856,813 votes went to Clinton, totaling about 118,272 Republicans voting for Clinton . . .

That’s enough to make up the difference (98,223 votes) . . . but it’s doubtful that this was the difference, since it would mean that every Republican voting for Hillary did so to undercut Obama.


*This is another good reason.