Even If They Can’t Move Sun, Stars, There’s Still A Plan . . .

And they say this Congress has done nothing . . . here we are this morning with a whole extra hour of sunlight:

For Benjamin Franklin, daylight saving time was about saving candles and for modern lawmakers, it’s about electricity ā€” but a recent university study found it might actually cost more energy when the nation resets its clocks Sunday.

Matthew J. Kotchen, a professor of environmental economics at the University of California in Santa Barbara, and Laura E. Grant, a doctoral student in the same field, studied the effects of daylight saving in Indiana, where some counties used it and others did not. The states changed the law two years ago so that all counties now use daylight saving time.

In an interview, Kotchen said using residential electricity bills for Indiana, he and Grant found that daylight saving time reduced electricity use for lighting but that more was used for air conditioning in the summer and heating in the fall than was saved.

(Which is to say — holy christ, it’s already Daylight Savings Time!)