I Just Threw Up a Little in My Mouth

I’m listening to HRC on NPR this am.


Anyone seen the movie Election with Reese Witherspoon? Yeah, I’m gonna go there.  That’s pretty much how Hillary makes me feel right now.

HRC is trying to make the argument it was Obama’s “choice” not to participate in Michigan.  Here’s what I think was  maybe a dialogue among the Dem leadership.

Dems: “So, we’re throwing this primary thing in Michigan.  But our friends there broke the rules, so, like, there’s no beer and only dorks are going to be there.”

Obama: “Lame.  ‘kay.  I’ll go to a different party then.”

Clinton: “I’ll go, I’ll go!  Pick me!”

But, ahem, it was Obama’s “choice” not to participate?  To throw yet another metaphor of childhood out there, it’s like HRC telling Obama “stop hitting yourself” as she grabs his hand and uses it to slap him in the face.