Boeing and the Tankers

Following up on a topic we broached on this week’s podcast, a detailed look at why Boeing lost the contract, from McClatchy and the TNT:

Thompson and others say Boeing’s commercial airplane division was too focused on the 787 to pay much attention to the tankers.

“The tanker was not as high a priority for Boeing as it was for Northrop-EADS,” Thompson said.

Richard Aboulafia, an analyst for the Teal Group, a Fairfax, Va., firm that tracks trends in the aerospace industry, said Boeing’s commercial division was also focused on ramping up production of the 777, increasing production of the 737 and launching the 747-8.

“Tankers were a very distant fifth priority for them,” Aboulafia said. “EADS’ highest priority was to crack the U.S. military market.”