Six Months

This is not the kind of blog where I typically go posting videos, but this one is just too well done not to link to:

When folks like me say it’s time to pull up stakes and leave Iraq, this is why. “Victory” has been just around the corner for the last 5 years, and if we continue to stay, it will still be just around the corner in 5, or 10, or even 100 years.

War proponents always claim they just need another 6 months, but as the video shows, that’s always been the case. If you listen carefully to what Gen. Petraeus has said in his most recent two days of testimony before Congress, he’s talking about a sizeable occupation for the next dozen years or more (listen for when he invokes Northern Ireland as an example, a far, far less challenging effort than Iraq, but one that nonetheless took the Brits 30 years to quell). But he can’t say that outright, because support for the war would collapse. But make no mistake, either we follow the Bush/McCain strategy and we’re there forever, or we start to leave ASAP. Those are the choices. This whole “wait for 6 months and then wait another 6 months” strategy has been an abject failure.