White Pastors

I like’d Ezra Klein’s take on whether Wright would be a problem for Obama if he and Obama were white:

So here’s the thought experiment: If in 2004, it turned out that John Kerry’s minister of 20 years — a man who had been like a father to him, who had married Kerry and Theresa Heinz, and who figured heavily into Kerry’s autobiographical book — held the same opinions as Wright, how big of a deal would it be? My sense, as we’re seeing with the furor over Obama’s laughably casual relationship with Bill Ayers, is it would still be a firestorm. Americans recoil from the Chomskyite critique, and any Democratic candidate whose personal relationships implied a sympathy for that worldview would have a tough time of it. In fact, it looks like this is the narrative Wright is really fitting into — a narrative that ranges from Ayers to lapel pins to Obama not holding his hand on his heart during the national anthem — rather than a story of racial strife.

I think that’s right. The problem with what Jeremiah Wright was preaching was that it was a leftist critique of America. In other words, it’s okay for a pastor to say that America is going to hell for killing unborn babies at home, but it’s not okay to say that America is going to hell for killing actual babies in Iraq. And by “not okay” I mean that only the latter will generate wall-to-wall coverage on cable news networks.