McCain is Actually Running for the Second Term of Bush’s First Term

Commenting on McCain’s and Obama’s statements on the situation in Russia/Georgia, John Cole writes:

There you have it, in a nutshell. You vote for McCain, you get the same manichean belligerence and needless warmongering we all have enjoyed so much.

But it’s actually weirder than that. Here’s the Politico article Cole is referencing:

Obama’s statement put him in line with the White House, the European Union, NATO, and a series of European powers, while McCain’s initial statement—which he delivered in Iowa and ran on a blog on his Web site under the title “McCain Statement on Russian Invasion of Georgia,”—put him more closely in line with the moral clarity and American exceptionalism projected by President Bush’s first term.

Let’s set aside the “moral clarity” canard. The point here is that McCain wants to go back to Bush’s first term, whereas Obama seems more interested in continuing — on foreign policy, at least — Bush’s saner, more diplomatic second term. McCain seems hell-bent on re-learning all the lessons Bush and Co. learned after years of belligerence and thumbing their nose at the international community.

It’s all disturbing stuff. But it makes me think that, if Bush wants to see his foreign policies continued after he leaves office — negotiations with North Korea, diplomacy with Iran — Obama’s his man.