Something To Think About Next Time You Linger On “Antiques Roadshow” . . .

Wow — how old is PBS’s demographic anyway? How about old enough to make them hope the The Police — which recently reunited after 23 years, and whose members average 59 years old (Andy Summers is nearly eligible for social security!) — will draw a younger audience:

The public television stations WNET and WLIW got a substantial windfall from the sold-out final concert by the Police at Madison Square Garden on Thursday night. The band (at right, the frontman Sting) had donated the evening as a benefit for the stations, which said they sold all of the 16,000 tickets they were allotted (a block of tickets went to the band), bringing in more than $2.35 million before expenses. While that is less than the approximately $3 million, before expenses, raised by WNET’s annual gala benefit dinner, it represents a new revenue stream for the stations and a chance to reach a younger demographic, said Neal Shapiro, president and chief executive of Educational Broadcasting Corporation, the station’s parent.