Deal Killing

Josh Marshall makes a great point:

And in case it isn’t obvious, those begging as they cling by their fingertips on the precipice are not in a position to be making any demands or calling any proposals “deal killer.”

Late Update: My instincts tell me that the effort to pretty this up by adding a ‘stimulus package’ is equally bogus. That’s not to say it’s not important in itself. But if we blow 700 million or a trillion dollars cleaning up Wall Street’s mess, having also budgeted 25 or 50 billion on helping ordinary people won’t make that trillion dollars any less blown. The focus here needs to be on making sure this bailout makes sense, isn’t going to be farmed out to Neil Bush and provides something for taxpayers in return. Let’s keep the focus on that.

Seriously. How obnoxious do you have to be, after losing trillions of dollars making bad bets and begging for a handout, to have the unmitigated gall to decide what is or isn’t a “deal killer?” Talk about beggars and choosers. It’s like offering a homeless guy a sandwich only to have it thrown back in your face as he says, “hey man, mustard is a deal killer.”

And I absolutely agree on the stimulus package part. Let’s chuck the whole thing and get a deal that’s more equitable and copacetic to our interests.

Now I know how this anonymous Congressman is feeling.