Had to Run Its Course

On Inauguration Day in 2005, I had pretty much the same thought as this TPM reader is having now:

[Had Kerry won], we would not have had eight years of experimenting with the extreme ideology that the Bush administration has inflicted on the United States of America. And, it is this experiment that has provided cold hard empirical evidence that the blind obeisance to free unregulated markets that is the hallmark of contemporary conservatism, coupled with the unilateral, muscular, “shoot first and ask questions afterwards” foreign policy that is at the core of neoconservatism, is as bankrupt a governing paradigm as the centrally planned economy of socialism.

It’s 8 years of Bush that makes Obama possible. We needed to see Katrina, the financial meltdown, and all the rest.

2 thoughts on “Had to Run Its Course”

  1. Yep. It’s human nature for things to see their natural course and reach an end before turning around, even if the course is a disaster and completely anticipated by some. Things need to hit rock bottom. We’d like to think it doesn’t have to be this way, that being proactive in correcting failure should be evident to more folks, but generally, humanity’s track record isn’t great with this sort of thing. It’s not unlike substance abuse. You can warn a user over and over again about consequences, but they probably won’t stop destroying themselves until something terrible happens like wrapping their car around a tree. Sad, but terrifying when the metaphor applies to an entire administration of allegedly smart people.

    The worst part of it is that there is always a segment of ‘true believers’ who won’t ever get it. They’ll hide behind imagined persecution and think that if they had “just a little more time” everything would have worked out. See: Those who still claim Vietnam was on the verge of being won if we had stayed longer, etc.

  2. Exactly. And this is my fear with respect to global warming. We won’t get around to doing anything until we’re all drowning. Boo!

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