Not Getting It

Hollywood has apparently discovered that audiences will no longer put up with crappy films.  Their solution? Better remakes!

Still, the message that the year sent about quality and originality is real enough that studios are tweaking their operating strategies. Sony Pictures Entertainment, the studio behind “The Social Network,” is trying to bet more heavily on new directors with quirkier sensibilities. To reboot its “Spider-Man” franchise, for instance, Sony hired Marc Webb, whose only previous film was the indie comedy “(500) Days of Summer.” The studio has also entrusted a big-screen remake of “21 Jump Street” to Phil Lord and Chris Miller, a pair whose only previous film was the animated “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.”

Emphasis mine.

See? They totally get it now!  They’re going to hire quirky, novice directors to helm the umpteenth superhero movie and the umpteenth big-screen adaptation of an 80s TV show!