Episode 474: NY Special Election, Mideast, Bicycle Policy

  • Kathy Hochul wins in NY-26
  • Netanyahu visits Washington
  • Chicago adapts to climate change
  • Mayor McGinn hires a new bicycle czar

2 thoughts on “Episode 474: NY Special Election, Mideast, Bicycle Policy”

  1. The bit on bicycles seems to have been lifted off the Sound Politics Website, complete with recitation of bona fides such as “well I’ve biked so I’m a biker”. Gee, guys, that was pretty laughable and wildly uninformed for a couple of lefties who love alternatives to cars and an end to oil dependence.

  2. Thanks for the comment Brad. Sound Politics, eh? That’s pretty harsh, and, I would argue, rather unwarranted.

    Regardless, I think this attitude that having biked is not enough to grant one status in the priesthood of bikerdom is exactly why bicycling is destined to remain a niche commuting activity. If you do want to end oil dependence (which I do), our cities’ bicycle networks (and not just in Seattle) will have to get much safer and much more accessible.

    Appreciate the feedback, as always. Thanks for listening!

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