About Us

Since June of 2003, Bruno & The Professor have enlightened, entertained, shocked, and awed America as the voice of the new, emerging American left. Rejecting the conventional wisdom of Beltway insiders, Bible thumpers, and the PC police, Frank Bruno and Matt Matski pull no punches on their way to seizing the moral and entertainment high ground back from the conservative and cowed news media.

Our podcast is a 35-minute weekly romp through American and international politics, culture, and ideas. 

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Your Hosts

Frank Bruno is an actor, producer, and small-time media mogul. He was raised an Irish-Italian Catholic on the hard-hitting streets of Long Island, NY, birthplace of world-reknowned political pundits Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Alec Baldwin. When not spewing bile across the ‘net, he can be seen engaged in various aspects of IT and Web geekery or climbing Washington State’s beautiful mountain ranges.

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Matt “The Professor” Matski produces film, television, theater, and radio. He has worked as a consultant for numerous organizations on diverse projects, including market research, strategic planning, and IT implementation. Matski earned the title “professor” during his brief tenure as a graduate assistant in economics at the University of Minnesota. He is a featured contributor to Rivet magazine.

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Contributing Writers

The Contrarian

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Apocalypse Tom

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The Chief

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Frank and Matt discuss the week's news. Opinionated and semi-informed. Topics include US Politics, global issues, and technology.

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