Kerry’s new ads

Living in a swing state isn’t quite the political junkie’s wet dream that living in, say, New Hampshire might be (D.C. isn’t a state, after all). But we do have our perks. Tonight I saw THREE new ads from the Kerry campaign. These are the “bio” ads that everyone’s been clamoring for. And I gotta say, they’re decent. They let surrogates do most of the talking (wife, kids, boatmates, etc.), but they present a really solid picture of the Senator. Kudos to the ad wizards who came up with that one.

Of course, none of them can quite figure out what to do with the fact that Kerry didn’t do much of anything in his 18 years as Senator (why are his “high-profile investigations” missing??). So some of it is a stretch (like the claim that he cast the key vote that created 20 million new jobs. I’d like to see the fine print on that one…).

Anyway, if you’re curious, you can view the ads here.

Up and Running

OK, so we appear to be up and running at the new site. That wasn’t too bad. I flirted with another blogging software after Moveable Type seemed to be intractable. But now I’ve got it up and running again. Don’t know if I’ll be able to port over all the posts from the old site, so this may be a fresh start. I’m okay with that. We need fresh starts every now and then (ahem…).

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